The Fight for Par

Golf, like life, is a constant battle for even par. It requires focus, discipline, and bucket after bucket of range balls. But it’s the battle that inspires the grind. 

For some, the battle extends off the course. That’s because access to the game is not the same for all. While many of golf’s barriers and injustices have been overcome by golfers like Lee Elder and Babe Didrikson, there’s still more to do.

It’s important to recognize that each of us plays a part in the battle. And it’s up to us to grow the game by picking up where Lee and Babe left off. 

Let's strive for a level playing field in all aspects of our lives. Let’s share the love. Let's create a world where every person has the same opportunity to succeed—and let's do it with style.

Here are a few ways we’re trying to do more of, and we hope you’ll consider doing them too.

  1. Introduce someone new to the game: Whether it's a friend, family member, coworker, or neighbor, inviting someone to play a round or take a lesson with you can help bring new people into the game.
  2. Volunteer at a local golf event or organization: Many golf events and organizations rely on volunteers to help with tasks such as scorekeeping, registration, and course setup.
  3. Be a good ambassador for the game: Represent the sport in a positive light and you’ll help inspire others to see the sport in a positive light.

EVNPAR is made up of a group of golfers and people who love the game, and this is our attempt to grow the game. We hope to cultivate a positive and open environment where everyone has the same opportunity to play the greatest game in the world. 

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