our mission


We are an inclusive golf brand that creates premium golf gear and apparel. We believe golf is a universal passion that can bring people together. Our vision is to build a thriving community representative of all who love the game of golf and to break down barriers as we Grow The Game.

Growing up, the owners of EVNPAR were middle class kids that played most sports that didn't require a lot of investment. If anything, sandlot and high school sports were the extent of their athletic careers. But as time evolved, the dynamics of sports increased greatly. Enter golf, a past time, outdoor recreation that takes our eyes off our phones, puts us in nature, and amongst people from different settings, upbringings and modes of life. Friendships are forged, everyone starts on the same path, and it has become a game loved worldwide. However, it has become evident, there was a necessity to get proper training, access to equipment as well as golf courses in this sport. Now as the owners of EVNPAR grow their own families, the have noticed not all individuals have the same access to golf. Economics, demographics, and peers are simply harder to find within such an elitist sport that has a history of being stuffy and only for the rich. EVNPAR was created to change golf so more people can enjoy the game. Our goal is to build strong communities to help communities become inspired by the game. We will be dedicating resources and time to help accomplish our mission, but we can't do it without you.

Many people ask us what is the meaning of the Hawk? There are two reasons: 1) Birds are one of the diverse species in our animal kingdom. Birds live on all seven continents, in a vast majority of the world’s ecosystems, including the open ocean and the frozen wastes of Antarctica, estimating to over 10,000 bird species. This is what we want in golf, individuals from different cultures and lands, all playing one common game in community. 2) The Hawk has other symbols that relate across many cultures, but we take a page in history, where a man named Ben Hogan claimed this title. His impact on the game is legendary, and yet, he grinded, and fought his way through economic hardship and adversity to become a legend and make his impression on this sport. We see value in his example, and as a business, our vision is to demonstrate that same rigor.

If you want to get involved, don't hesitate to reach out to us to find out ways we can partner at grow@evnpar.golf.